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Multicultural Women’s Choirs

A journey around the world, in one afternoon, or an evening of twelve inspiring songs…

Photo of Project Netherland's MULTICULTURAL WOMEN’S CHOIRS

Photo of Project Netherland's MULTICULTURAL WOMEN’S CHOIRS

Since 1994 Prabhati Boissevain-Verburg has co-ordinated several choirs in asylum centres throughout the Netherlands. International choirs, in which women of Dutch nationality and many foreign nationalities come together and teach each other their songs.
She wants the women to fully experience the feeling of unity that results from sharing songs – and the many friendships that evolve from being in the choir. Therefore she approaches refugee centres, community centres and women’s societies with the following proposal:

“Get together a large group of women of all colours, moods, kinds, sizes, ages, countries and religions and let them discover, by singing each others songs, that we are all world citizens.”

Prabhati – a writer by profession – brings with her a world-wide repertoire, tells the most touching, shocking and heart-warming stories about her colourful group of friends. She prefers to offer her programme for free so that it is only a small step for groups to invite her. Girls Empowerment wants to support this initiative financially, because it helps to create a rich social environment that is essential for newcomers and stimulates meaningful integration of immigrant women. The goal of this programme is to learn from each others cultures, create a sense of togetherness and build social capital as a safe basis on which to integrate in the Dutch society. Furthermore, when mothers grow and have social contacts in Dutch society, their children will also enjoy more happiness and understanding in the family.

Please support this innovative programme by donating to GIRLS’ EMPOWERMENT, mentioning “MULTICULTURAL WOMEN’S CHOIRS”.

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